Sep 24, 2012

We went away for the weekend and boy was it a hectic one !!! The twins are really suffered with their teeth. Wium got fevers the whole of last week, but Nika was fine. Friday night we did not sleep... at all.

Saturday they was grumpy all the day and that night Nika got a fever of 40... we did not sleep at all !!

Sunday they where grumpy and crying most of the day and they look like flat tires.... they have had zero energy, we felt so sorry for them. And you can see how swollen their gums was and their cheeks was on fire.

Sunday night as Luv put Nika to bed she start to vomit all over him , all over everything, it was chaos and she had fever, have to say after the vomiting she was lots better.   Wonder how Luv look...... he have had vomit all over his shirt and pants ( it was funny I did start laughing, very glad it was not me!) look as if someone have spill paint all over him and Nika was squashing her hands in it.

Sunday night we did not sleep......

So this long weekend was..... Not relaxing, not a catching up on lost sleep ( do that still happen?)

It was a not your usual one. Hope that dam teeth will so soon here !!

And on our way home.....I saw MOLLY !!! will tell you tomorrow about the legend!!

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