Sep 10, 2012

 I just love watching the Olympics’ that took place in London. I think it would have been so nice to watch some of the games myself 

Have to say we are going to miss it now, was so nice relaxing at night watching it.

Funny how while you watch it you wish you could have been so sporty and energetic!  But with in a sec you think, sporty, while you lying on the couch??

If you only can think how much effort and time and all the ect was going in, to just got yourself to that level. It’s super amazing!!! It’s not just a I want to do it, its years of planning and exercising.



And then I look at the Paralympics. People with disabilities!!! They took the medals of my heart !! people doing swimming without limbs? People running And all the other sport. Can you only think what kind of spirit those “brave hearts” must have. They are super.

Then I think how those people did not go and sit in a corner and ask ”why me”??  No, they grab the world and wanted to make the best of it! They want to show the world if you are a bit different like others, you still can make the most of it.

Then I start thinking how MANY people I now are always complaining and moaning and have no spirit for life anymore....and the best is there is nothing wrong with them!!! They are just depress and don’t like the world!!! Freaking hell and then you get these Paralympics chaps, you think don’t you need to learn a lesson from them?????

Thats one of the things that have had a great influence on my life!! Years ago I rip all my knee ligaments in hockey. I was sitting in the car waiting for my mom thinking how bad it is, I cannot walk , it will take months, its sore and its plain just bad.....  then I saw this poor man, without a leg on crutches. He was “walking with his crutches and ONE leg from his home and that was far! He don’t have money for any help and that day change allot  of how I am thinking. That day a saw that if you ever think YOUR life and problems are BAD!!! I can put my head on a block..... There is someone out there, who’s life is much more worse than you can ever think of! So if I am ever thinking geeeee man this is bad, the next moment I think, yes , but you are not the worse so get your ass up and go!!! That was what have keep me going and  I have decided I wanted to make most of every single second of my life!! And I am doing it!!!

Thanx for people who we can look at, and value life !

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