Sep 25, 2012

Many moons and years ago my parents bought Molly for R75. ( now will not even bought a small baby scooter for that price)

Molly was an antique or do I have to say she was an “ancient” little car. She was my mothers, MOM’s TAXI. And we all just loved little Molly!

For us Molly was super cool , because she look different than all our friends parent cars. Later on, some did make jokes about poor Molly!

My mother deliver cucumbers to the super market in Molly and collect pig-food at some hotels and all of this was place is Molly petite boot.

All my nephews and nieces could also fit into Molly on holidays and she was a wonderful place to play in.


Then I was in High school Molly got exhausted and tired!! and it cost too much to fix her because the parts are too expensive. So Molly got parked in a barn for years.....and then somebody how renovated OLD CARS bought, Molly.

They LOVED Molly and redo her. My parents have seen Molly a few times. And now on her old day Molly is a celeb!!! She was on Pacella ( a local TV program) and she appear sometimes in the newspapers. Because Molly is doing road trips!! Can you believe!! Molly is on the move!. WHo said an old lady can not dance?

So on our way home after the weekend as we enter our home the local restaurant....I spotted MOLLY!!! We past with me saying that was Molly. Luv ask if his must U-Turn to go back... me ...YES!

We get out and took some pic’s when the new owners was getting back to their... Molly. I was asking the lady.... Is this Molly??? She reply, how do you know her name is Molly??? Me... because it was our Molly!!

It was so nice to see Molly again!! And she defiantly has had a facelift!!

You go funky Molly!!

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