Sep 26, 2012

Sep 26, 2011

32 WEEKS!!!!!! And Guess what!!!!!!!


Wednesday half pass one; we are going to meet the most precious, beautiful, special, cute, miracles twin babies!!!!!!!!!!! In the world!!


We are going to be PARENTS!!! Can you believe it!!!!!


We visit the doc today and Suro-sus cervix is hanging on threads!! It’s open!! I could see that on the scan and if there is one thing we don’t want, it’s labouring at home. Not again. When the doc made the call of the due date , I start crying!!! After all these years its happening.


Luv got time to get his ass down here (He is super ecstatic!!) and I need to get the cameras charged and we need to do the last minute waxing and sorting of the suro-sus kids for Wednesday!!


All I can say is WoWWWWWW WoWWWWWW!!!!!


This was my post a year ago... I still can remember the excitement!! it was overwhelming !! it can still feel the fivers.....and how we could not wait to meet them.. at blooming last.

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