Sep 3, 2012

Its September and its SPRING !! But O no !!! where is spring hiding? I cannot wait for it to start. But its so cold!!!!!

When I was in school the 1 of September was a BIG day at school. All the little kiddies was sending home to make small little bunches of flowers from their garden and them on the 1st. The teacher with all these kids hit the town and give out all these flowers, especially to older people...and I still remember the happy look on their faces!


Funny how I remember it now for the first time in years!!! Maybe after all these years I am also start to get out of my “winter-stage” things are start to bloom inside is me again, jippee!!


And I just adore flowers!! My whole family just loveeeeessss flowers.

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  1. Hi,
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    Good Luck/Angela.