Sep 20, 2012

I am finishing all my to-do-list-things. I am doing it like a retired snail... it just don’t get finish. I have made lists but as you know things just got more and more.

..and I need to start planning the twins 1st party !! in a week’s time. It is something that came on me o so hard, because a year have past in a flash. I just cannot  believe it has been a year that I have been blessed to be a mommy. Its the best job ever....I think its my dream-job....I am addicted to it.

The twins are so special in their own way, and daily they are doing more and more cute things. We have so much fun, I am scared they will be big to soon, and because I can not have more kids and this is my first and final stage of everything, I need to enjoy it all.

Nika and Wium will have a “Circus Party” why because my whole house and our whole life have change overnight into a CIRCUS !

Our life is colourfull-fun-up-side-down-choatic-never-a-dull-moment-pleasureful and full of excitement just like a ....CIRCUS !!


And I cannot wait to bake the cake, suro-sus think  it’s a joke and some of my friends want to babysit the kids , just to see my baking skills ( what so funny??? Do they know my non-baking-skills maybe?)

I can tell you this, I just cannot wait for the party, I love parties .
This is the invitations.. made it myself


  1. Wat 'n oulike tema! En ek hou baie van die uitnodigings! Sterkte met die koek!

  2. Wow Christelle those invites look amazing. Please put lots of photos up of the twins party. I can't wait to see how the cake looks.

  3. Wow! Hoe maak jy die uitnodigings??? Vertel aub!