Sep 14, 2012

The twins are struggling so much with their teeth!!! They’ve got these terrible burning bums ( I can see how sore it is for them) and Wium are getting very high fevers.

And this whole week I am just having an eye on him, because his fever was running very high, especially at night time. What means not much sleep in this house? We are up all the time to just monitor him.  With twins its hard when the one needs yout attention more, because he just wanted to sit on my lap all the time and I wanted to hold him, but Nika dont always understand and that breaks my heart. Luckly its weekend so mom and dad are both at home 24/7 ( afterall this is my best time ever) Luv is a real sweetheart with his kids and when they've got fevers he is like  a hen watching over his chicks.I really wish that damm teeth wants to show now! Please.

They are now super cute ( I now every single stage are super cool) they love playing hide and seek in the curtains, and crawling after each other. Nika is climbing on the coffee table every opportunity she get. They are so full of bumps now, because they are careless. And if we forgot to close the gate to the stairs, they up there its the best game ever. Wium is quickly up, but Nika loves attentions and wants like a standing ovation for everything she do. She is more the drama queen. Loves to talk all the time....her own language.

In two week they turn one.... this is kreepers. One year!!! Like luv said last night, I still don’t believe we’ve got kids!!!! And I am off to start planning their celebration!!!

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