Sep 5, 2012

Sometimes things happen that will always get stuck into your head. Things you will always wonder about. When the twins were in ICU other babies have come and go.


I still remember the morning opening the door of the ICU into this chaos of  doctors, sisters, immediately seeing big trouble ! and Nika’s bed was empty and everyone was hanging over this baby ( I could only see the feet) I was in shock thinking its Nika!!

But during the night they have put Nika and Wium together in one little bed, that’s why her bed was empty.

It was the day I was geared to took loads of photos of the twins, after all, we have had days and days of time. But that day I was sitting like a quiet mouse just looking at this picture that was displaying in front of me.

This baby was born on 40 weeks, nothing wrong, but during labour something went bad. They have struggle for 20 minutes to get the heart rate of the baby going ( don’t know all the detail)

I have only had a glimpse of this baby boy and I was listening to all that was happening around me. Thinking how lucky we have been, twins born 2 months too early and now they fine, and here is a 40 week baby and he is suffering.

The dad was in and out wanting updates, and later the morning  he was wheeling the mother who wanted to see her son. I was thinking how this was supposed to be their happiest moment in life, meeting their first born. And now its chaos. She was so lost and I still remember talking to her and she was so shock. Telling me her side of the birth experience and she was so scared and she did not understand the machine  her baby was on. I remember this first few days in hospital, all you wanted to know if the heart rates, oxygen levels ect is fine. You ask million if time that fine. After a few days you know all the ranges.  But this lady was terrified of all the beeping of the machines.

They decided to move the baby to another hospital with more advanced ICU because there was defiantly a big problem. I was listening how they needed approval from their medical aid for the move and how they waited for a ambulance.

I remember how upset the father was, because the ambulance took so long and I now what’s going through your mind, because very second count!! I remember how I want to help the father to fight to speed everything up, how I want to ask can we not just get the baby in my car and drive...just to get there, please.

I remember how they wait next to their baby for the ambulance, the anxious father and the scattered mother ( shame she was suppose to lay in bed, drooling over her newborn, but instead she was running in her PJ with a gown  waiting to get transfer to another hospital)

I am thinking ssssoooo many the baby boy and his parents are doing??

I think for the rest of my life I will be wondering about them......

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