Aug 29, 2012

 Tuesday we hit 11 months. In 4 weeks time it is the twins 1YEAR BDAY!! Its unbelievable. A year has gone by.  So now its time to start planning their birthday and because this year was on a jet plane, I am not geared!!  I think they still small little babies, but Hello Mommy we are one soon !

Where do you start, to plan a party? My whole life I was waiting to do the next few weeks I will start panning their miracle-celebration-party.

They are so busy now, so I don’t have time for anything, you have  to keep an eye on them. They are destroying my house, and I love it! They love playing hide and seek with each other ( which is funny) and to be outdoors and walking with the pram is a daily trip .

Nika is talking all the time and Wium is laughing. I think they’ve got inside jokes. They are  standing against any and everything ( to cook is a mission with 2 hanging kids at your pants) they are eating everything you give them. Nika are more attach to me at this stage and Wium love giving hugs.

They adore pets and friends. Their highlight of the day is before bath time to climb the stairs to their room. Wium go like a rocket and Nika is looking back after EVERY step to see if we are watching her...she love attention.

Sleep time??? What is that?  They don’t sleep and its getting worse day by day. They suffer with teething and that keep them up all time. Some or other time it hopefully will change, please.


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