Aug 16, 2012

My days are now so “jam-pack” with different stuff, than the last few years. I  have got kizillions of time for myself. Time was my pleasure and boy did I move. I love it to be super busy, it make my feel alive.

But now...I have NO, not even a single second for myself. All and that is more or less 24/7 of my time go into in babies. Its a decision I made years ago if ever I will be so lucky to have my own kids, and after all I don’t want to miss one little thing they are doing.

 more or less all of my energy that go into them now, its an investment  to my kids, and what I got back for all of my effort is astronomic after only 10 months

I don’t want my kids to be “Einstein” one day, and I don’t want them too get a gold medal at the Olympics’ ( maybe it would be nice for us as parent sitting in the audience-but  then I will be so old, would I see them?? Or what if I fall asleep just as they broke the world record? That will  be a disaster)

What I want for my kids, it the opportunity to experience life. To have a life and at the end to say, I have live life!

That’s why we show them as many things and possible, we taking them where ever we go( we are not the “take-a-break-parents”, they love coffee shops, restaurants, shops, outdoor life and they like people. It thinks it things you need to stimulate them with.

When I look at them, they are exploring-kids ( they destroy  my house completely) but that’s part of learning. They don’t watch TV. It don’t interest them, thanx goodness, they don’t know who Lollos, Barnie or “oom Jan de Wet” is. There will be a time for that just not now, when they cannot concentrate for more that one sec, I don’t want small little couhies.

They got personality showing expressions and thats what we love. When the doorbell ring they start looking to see who is visiting, the phone they want to peep-listen .They cry when Luv go to work and go ballistic when he got home. Its priceless to see their faces when they saw him and then their laughter when he took them upstairs when he jump out of his office clothes in to casuals. Then he played and sing for them and its their special time. Pappa , defiantly have time for them.

And then when we put them in bed, and I am so drained, and just want to take a bath....and it take some time to evacuate half of the animal-bath-toy-kingdom and just to get into the bath and as you finally sink into the luxury of the bath and the froggy-bathmat stuck to your don’t mind at all!!

It all worth it!!
even if they lick the bin... I was thinking they are playing nicely..


  1. Hi from ICLW...your twins are gorgeous!!!

  2. Happy ICLW. They are so adorable! Twins always get into more trouble together :)