Aug 21, 2012

This coming weekend is my 20th year school reunion!!

Yes, 20 years is ancient years ago. Still remember when I as was in school , I thought 20 th years reunions are for old people, any case now I am the “old people” times are changing!

I just love things like this, seeing everybody I have not been seen for years, I went to school on a small ( not that small now) town where you mostly know everyone, and allot of us went from pre-school  till the end.

I have contact with some but always nice to see others, you only see on reunion stuff.

I have already exchange my duty nights with love after all I need some party time.

So what change over the past 20 years???

I am sitting with small twinnies ( I am so lucky)

I am sitting with 10 kg more ( thanx to fertility drugs)

I have drooping boobs even more now ( twins think its there to climb on and drag them self upwards )

I have wrinkles ( not from age....infertile worries...I wish)

I have grey hair ( same reason as above)

I think of myself as the girl that looks the same and then I see in the mirror the lady that don’t match the one in my head, but....

After 20 years I like the girl I saw in the mirror MUCH MORE!!

She is much more me than  the young girly from years ago. From the 10 years to the 20 years reunion, so much have happen in my life!! I am still in bomb shock what happen the past 10 years, but it have made me so strong!! It did not destroy me, thanx for that!

So I am of trying to just paint my nails to not look like “Sandy of the Sand dunes” because there is not time to get my wrinkles ironing out, wash the grey out of my hair...the twins keep me to busy

My personality will need to do the thing,  the look ?????hope I don’t need a name tag.....

just got my hands on this one. Me standing 3rd from the right in the back row. Was at a fun day , I am going to see all of these girls the weekend just 2 of them are not coming


  1. Geniet jou reunie! Ek herken jou darem in die foto, so jy het seker darem nie so baie verander nie!

    Ek kan nie glo ek is einde van die jaar al 23 jaar uit die skool. Ek sê die naweek vir my DH dat toe my ma so oud was soos ek nou is, toe was ek in matriek, en nou sit ek hier met 'n amper 8 maande oue babatjie as 'n eerste kind.

    Maar ek moet sê ek voel nog nie naby so oud soos ek is nie en ek weet sommer baba G gaan ons nog jonk hou!

  2. DIs altyd snaaks as jy dink hoe oud was jou ma toe sy jou gehad het. Ek dink my babes gaan my jonk jou vir lank!!

    ek sukkel om te post op jou blog maar lees dit gereeld!!!!Bly on te sien jou ene doen so goed

  3. its crazy how time just goes by so quickly

  4. Hello from ICLW! I just looked through your history and blog and your story really touched me. I'm so sorry for all you have been through and so thrilled for your miracles! Thank you for sharing your story!

  5. Liewe vriendin Cstelle,
    Baie sukses met hierdie samekoms. Kyk in my Blog!
    Heel liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,