Aug 13, 2012

I defiantly love the crawling stage, but the standing one???? NO !!!!!

Geee the twins look as if they went to war....they are so full of bumps, and bruises from all the knocks.  Yesterday Wium was pulling  a chair over on blue eye ( look as if he was in a bar-fight) bruised lip and  scratch eyebrow.

The weekend was so nice, weather was bad, but we stayed indoors.

The twins are suffering with teeth, and Wium was having a very high fever for 2 days, it went up and down the whole time, having us on our feet all the time. He is very active and the moment he is a bit off, you sense it immediately! His gums are sensitive, shame!! Nika still toothless.

Funny thing.....and it sound like a candid-movie.  This weekend we were driving out of our parking at a shopping centre, next moment a car bump into us. We got out......the car was without a driver !! People who saw it , said the car just start running out of his parking, the brake failed! Can you believed,  we are the lucky ones again. And the “slept” to get it fix again.

look who can not wait to get into the bath

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