Aug 23, 2012

This is just a bit of fun we are laughing about( for a few years) so here is one of the things that happen to me few years ago, and it so me!!

It was Luv’s 20 year reunion.  I am an a on-the-last-minute-person always wait till the bitter end, and then it turn-on-me-most-of-time.

I was getting up that morning, looking at myself in the mirror ( don’t do that alot) and thought..... I look dull, maybe I must “Quickly” ( this is the disaster catch....quickly!!)  shooze myself up. What about I put some highlight-foils in...all by myself??

So I put it in, while I was busy cleaning my house. When the high lights was finish I look and see OO NO I want more, and what did I do??

I rip out the foils, clip it all together with a hair-clip and do more , start vacuuming my house and forgot about the highlights, and...the all-together-pieces-of hair without the foils mix all together.

When a wash the high lights out, there was the huge lots of hair...white!!! it look as if I had a small hat on, actually I look as if a bird have shit on my head!!!! I was a joke. What did I do then, put a hat on run to the store and buy , hair colour.


Put that over and when I wash it out, the white part was ORANGE!! Freak I look like a clown!! Now time has run out on me!! My friends laugh their ass off ( and I was laughing at myself!)  I could not colour it again, my hair will fall out ( that have happen once to me, also a funny story)

All I could do was getting colour mouse and dap in on my hair, but the moment a shower, it was orange again!!

And all I could think of is why did I wait again till the night before MY RENION???

As I am blogging , I am waiting for the colour to set..... Luv can wait to see the end result.

You all can see .I am not great on hair, and I cannot go and sit in a salon , it take forever and I cannot sit still so long,,,, after all my hair style, you call a mess and I just adore it!! After all the world is not a perfect place.


  1. LOL! And this is exactly why I don't colour my own hair. Thanks for the chuckle!

    ICLW #7

  2. Hello from ICLW. So happy that you got your miracle babies! Such cuties!