Aug 8, 2012

I am so glad a long weekend is about to knock on my front door. This whole week it was pouring rain, and super freezing cold. Not here where we are staying, but in other places in SA it “SNOW” not something you see often here. And we are not geared for this.

I am a summer person, so winter is not for me, and as I look at the twins they don’t like it too. We could not play outside or went for walks. We need to stay inside, and what do you think the twins did....

.... they did everything they were not suppose to do. Like broke a few things, throwing every single thing that was inside a bucket outside. Not leaving the cupboard, and putting strange stuff in their mouths.

They are standing against everything they can, don’t even think you can make food without two babies clinging to my legs. Luv’s hairy leg get a knock (shaving legs can maybe a answer, Luvvie??)

I am enjoying them so much right now, to look at the stuff they do, and as I am blogging here ....the sounds I am hearing... make me scared!!

I’ve got two very little special persons in my life right now!

7 years ago  this time,we have been in America for 3 months. It was one of the most special times in my life, with so many memories!!! It was a break from IF, and who would ever think this is how it will turn out at the end??... not me!!

Tomorrow it Suro-sus little one’s Birthday ( 3 years) and she have made a stunning cake, will try to get some pic’s.

When we started this suro-journey that one was only 4 months old!! Looks like time fly when you have infertile-fun... I wish xxxx
Daddy forgot the bucket with the fire-wood nice to nibble on small pieces of wood......and the newspaper.... Mmmmmmm

Still wondering who did this???? maybe Wium is afraid Nika will bite him

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