Aug 28, 2012

The 20 reunion was super great!!! I have had a jol...still recovering of it ( and its not the booze, like the 10 year I am recovering from, its the lack of actually NO sleep for days!!)

Friday night it was just the old school friends that meet up! And boy it was great to see everybody, catching up on chats and just being together. Alot of us where in school from primary till the end. And although it was years I haven’t seen most of them , you pick up the loose ends and go on. Geee we laugh and told stories and just being with each other was great. Yes I did feel as if I was 18!!


Luv babysit the twins and as I was off. Nika start to cling for dear life!! How did see now I am going....6th sense I suppose or maybe a girl thing.

Saturday morning we went on a school tour, what made me scared I did not remember allot from school. Guess right...I was more there for the fun as the real schooling.

And Saturday night WAS ME AND LUV’S FIRST NIGHT OUT, SINCE THE TWINS!!!! It was great!!


Their grandma on the other hand was petrified!! And we need to have our mobiles on ALL the time. Why she was afraid of the twins???? Don’t know!! And I think they also know we needed the break, because after we got home they wake like 10 times each it was chaos!! And till now they still wake the whole night.....yes I NEED SLEEP NOW!!!!  Do you get a hangover-from-no-sleep?? Thats how I am feeling now.

The Saturday was at a restaurant with the partners. I know most of the partners and it nice seeing them too. The partner night is always a bit more tight than the just Matrix class. Nice to have both. The Friday night defiantly rock!

The laughter we  have had was super great, I just love weekends like this.... but now I have to wait for other 10 years Eeeeck!!!

To all of my school buddies!!!! Thanx for the weekend !! love you all xxxxx

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