Oct 12, 2010

Why do you want kids??

With my whole body, soul, mind, emotions, feelings, everything I consist of, I want a FAMILY!!

I want me and Luv’s kids. I want us to be a family. I want to do family stuff. I am jealous of people that have a family, men and women that adore their kids. Men and women that the word FAMILY means everything in the whole wide world.

But then you get Men and Women that want kids!! Because it’s nice if people ask you “do you have kids?” and you can say “YES!! 2/3 whatever!! They want the kids, but: O, Please!!!! I just don’t want them to invade our space!!

During the week they work, SO hard (mostly people like that think they are the only ones on earth that work). Other people look after their kids, they work. Other people doing mommy and daddy stuff with them. If the kids call the people, that look after them...Mommy or daddy, the parents always say every quickly that Sometimes the kids get confused. NO THEY ARE NOT CONFUSED!! The kids get more attention from the other person and that is why they call them daddy or mommy.

But you know its fine, during week time…But then weekend arrive…and this is then when the parents that worked the whole time, needs “ME TIME”
Weekends is family-time, doing fun stuff with your kids. Why do you then leave them with other people because you want to go shopping (Shopping malls are full of families with kids) Want to go to restaurants every time without your kids?( if other people are sitting with their kids next to you.)

If you want kids, you know your life will never be the same ever again!! You have kids now!! Enjoy them!! Do stuff with them!!

If you are doing stuff over the weekend and everybody around you are adults, because kids are not allowed, that’s fine (like a wedding).
BUT IF YOU LEAVE YOUR KIDS WITH A BABYSITTER, AND YOU ARE LOOKING AROUND YOU AND THERE ARE KIDS RUNNING AROUND… I HOPE YOU FEEL HORRIBLE!!! Your kids are missing out on family time, because you want ME TIME! I will bet on it that it is happening every weekend.

If you have kids???? Go and sit and make a mark every time other people babysit your kids and you will be so surprise to see that other people have more time with your kids than yourself. Because you are firstly thinking what YOU like to do, you want to have fun-time. You are not a family-parent!!!

There are so many IF’s that just want a family…why are so many people abandoning their kids??


  1. Liewe vriendin Cstelle,
    Baie skoon boodskap, ek bly vir jou bid. I hou dit kort, want ek is siek, het koors, behoor eintlik in die bed.
    Baaie kisses, liefdevol,

  2. Hi there,

    I like this post. I feel the same at times, why do some people have the pleasure of a family and we don't

    Hang in there!

  3. Nadja, word gou gesond!!!Hoop jy voel gou beter!!!, vriendin! dis aaklig om siek te wees.

    Stefanie, how are you doing?? thinking alot of you! xxx

  4. You know I feel the same! We have family members that do exactly what you described! Their kids are at school all day, then at night the nanny feeds them, bathes them etc, and then every 2nd weekend they get granny to babysit them because they need time for themselves to rest! And they go on holiday without their kids! We used to do the most babysitting for the holiday's but I'm refusing now! No more!

    I will not help them anymore with this - they need to spend time with their kids!

  5. want God het die mens gemaak om voort te plant (heehee)... dit is die amazingste... en om te dink een van die dae het jy en jou Luv ook julle family! Lin xx