Oct 8, 2010

Enjoy the weekend!!

 My mother visit me yesterday and we had, had such a GOOD time. They are going on holiday and she don't know how her camera work. Need to help her with lessons.  She also left with my camrecorder( don't know if its the last time, camera will ever be reunited with me, the owner???)

Suro-sus is on her Lucrin-Vibe( just loving the dreadful headaches!!) Her 3 year old is playing nurse, and just want to do the injection during the day. One per day is not enough for little-miss-nurse!!

Woodpecker still busy.... just want to find a before picture then  will post!

1 comment:

  1. Liefste Cstelle♥
    Ek wens jy 'n goeie naweek en is nuuskierig na jou foto van Woody Woodpecker!!!
    Baaie kisses, liefdevol
    Jou vriendin