Oct 28, 2010

Time to kill.

Don’t have much news, just waiting. This IF game is after all about waiting!!!!! And F*&^&*K I have to wait. Friday is the day we will knew when ER will be, and at the stage I am wondering is the eggs still there, what if they disappear into universe?? or decided we don’t like this waiting for the other eggs lets make a duck!!

So we are hanging……yesterday suro-sus and the bloated ME went for an indulge….Nice……Facial, full body massage, Pedi and manicure, maybe it will get our “body-auras” synchronized doing stuff together ( always trying new stuff for the maybe…)

Luv did the babysitting… and the little one surprised him with a no2 diaper!!! Just his good luck!! Maybe its their way to get him back from when they older and he will tease them…

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