Oct 5, 2010

There is a Woodpecker next door!! HELP!!

I was away for the day… and when I got back this afternoon...I went into shock!!!

The house next to us was sold 2 months ago. It was a very cosy house with the nicest garden. There is (now was) this beautiful row of trees between our house and the neighbour. It was very private!

But the new idiot that bought the house, was trimming the trees and now everybody 10 houses down the street can see EVERY SINGLE THING THAT'S HAPPENING AT OUR HOUSE!!

We’ve got absolute ZERO PRIVACY now! I feel naked!! He is ripping everything out!!! I will put up some pic’s tomorrow. I want to cry!!!

He wants a farm-feeling!! He hit down a wall and he is going to put a Farm gate in. Goodness graces we are living in a TOWN!!! Bastard!!!

Our whole “love our garden-cosy-private-feeling” is GONE in Secondes!!

But we've got a surprise for this joker .......

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