Oct 25, 2010

Off to the clinic tomorrow.

Today I must get everything pack and in order. Pick up stuff I need…leave house keys for the house sitter…do all the washing ect…

I am doing okay , just busy cracking of headaches!!! Its so bad!!! I want to rip my brain apart just to get the pain out. Every IVF is different for me , never get the same feelings, emotions, or aches…

Don’t know why, can’t wait to see what’s up inside…How many follies?? Scared every time, what if my body strike and nobody’s home inside and the cycle got cancelled (luckily never ever happened but it’s like your mind just go whuzzzzz)

The highlight of the week is seeing Suro-sus kids!! I am missing then so much!! We are going to treat them out of there socks!!!


  1. Liewe Cstelle,
    Baie sukses môre, rustig bly. Jy is en bly in my gebede.
    Baaie kisses. Liefdevol,
    Jou vriendin


  2. HI Nadja.

    Baie dankie!!!
    Hoe gaan dit met jou verkoue?? het so baie aan jou gedink. Hoop jy voel beter!!!

    Love and kisses xxx

  3. Ek bid vir julle en dat jy hierdie keer darem ten minste een lewendige gesonde babatjie sal kry!