Dec 15, 2015

After days of nearly zero sleep and a spasm drum rolllll drum rolllll....

My UMKA's are all finish!!

I have made them for a market that have start today till the 3th of January.

Where I  got the time for it I really don't know. With twins this was a BIG job!!!!
I took the nicest pics for you..... but due to brain failure and total exhaustion.... I forgot to bring my cam sorry for this phone pic's.

The Umka ( last letters of my twins names) is a soft toy only one of a kind no one look the same. They have soft ears and some have t-shirt string hair! They adorable and the kids love them!! you can play with them and took them with to bed! and rub their ears till the sandman arrive .....zzzzzzz
in front you can see the wooden toys. One is for golf, a putting game and the other you roll small balls(alabaster) where you can try to get it in from 1-10 or see you make the most point! defiantly something that will keep the kids going for hours!!!

My my Label!!!


  1. They are stunning!!! Me want do you take e-mail orders?

  2. yes Coco send me a email...