Sep 23, 2015

The place have loads of stuff for kids and "adults" to do it's just the adults can not do it cause they have kids. This one women told us .... Geez you are running around like ants all day form early till late!! yes the kids want to walk, swim, pony rids, feed the animals. all day long

Funny how kids think they doing horse racing!! at the speed of n snail!!

SO yes we swam in this outdoor-rock-pool daily! it was hot not steaming but warm.Everyone that pass the pool was dress in ski-jackets, hats and warm clothes!. we were the only swimming people, but the kids wanted to swim. The first day I got out I thought some one was burning me with a blow torch. it was freezing!
and after the swim we did the jucuzzi's!!

and if we take a break!! this is what they do sitting on mommy!! and mommy just love every sec of it!!

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