Oct 20, 2015

There was a fault with our internet connection but hope it's solve now!! or I will scream!!!

So the twins turn 4!!! yes 4?? still can not think they so big now!!!. I love to do there parties and this year they wanted.....
a Frozen ( must have been the milionest Frozen girly party but frozen it will be!) and a Spiderman party mr W have not seen single Spiderman movie or dvd but I think Spiderman are like guns it's printed in boys gene from the start!!!.

Must say it's was not the easy bake makerery for me the not baker at all but if my kids want it I will make it!!!!.

We are 4 Mommy!!
The prezzies are always the big high light!!
My Frozen-cake -try.....Olaf fainted a few time forward on the icing but nothing toothpicks can not fix!! and the poor Elsa/Ana dress is really not in fashion it's the new trend Flops!! But she think it was beautiful!!
Look at the great Spiderman!! the one I try to made look more like  Spiderman have fart and it got caught in his suit!! so I bought one!! look like Spiderman are doing kids olimpics over the ball!!
The first year that the party was be outside thanx for the nice weather!! NO mess and my house!!

All the friends!!
OO what a great party!!!!!


  1. Congratulations! Love the fact that you baked the cakes yourself. I am to much of a perfectionist to even attempt that!

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