Dec 11, 2015

And another end of the year is on us.....and it totally caught me off guard!! This last month I have been so busy with craft stuff I made for a market that will start next Tuesday for 3 weeks..... and yes it was another project of mine which I was totally stupid to do!!! I really did not have had the time . Lately I have been sleeping 4 to 5 hours a night to just get everything finish and it is still not the end!!! Must say it look great and the people love it. Monday night I will post some pic so you can see what have slurp all of my time!!

and in between so much have happen!!!!

we have had a Christmas party with friends!!

Kids write some letters for Christmas father which we post!! things they want for xmas....goggles and a snorkel, marshmallows( why??) a bed( they have one) warm clothes( they have) I think they doing they praying list...... mr W wants a lion catcher ( so Africa here we come) and a Tiger catcher( where you gets this I don't know?)
we did swim lessons!! I am so dam impress with this lessons at Jenny!! she is an angel!!! my kids can swim and to see what they can do amaze me!!
Thanx Jenny for learning my kids to be water wise!!!!
the big high light!! to put all the trimming at one place!!!and to think it look great!!
Last day of play school!!!! next year its a new school with more time for me to find myself which I lost along the line.

Berry picking.

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  1. Yeah dear, that is true; even I was thinking the same. Kids are really excited for the Christmas and we are thinking to celebrate at event space NYC this year. I am really not sure where to start planning. It is really confusing.