Sep 16, 2015

Nieu Betesta.... the first holiday stop

We are back from  a just over-a-week-getaway-holiday. A most needed one!!!!
 we book awhile ago after I convinced Hubby a break will be best!! He was a bit worry that it will be a to long drive for the kids and I just told him we pack them and off we go, otherwise we will not go!!

I must say I was a stage where I was so over-load over-tired over-fed up with "EVERTHING" I just wanted no sound  no noise and just wanted PEACE!!!! and this was acutely what it was. The most enjoyable holiday!!! as you can see on the above pic at the first stop there was NOTHING!!

This is Miss N sitting on the comfi chairs at a beer brewery!
very tired kids
First stop as at the town Nieu-Betesta a very very small little town in the eastern cape. Not many people only a few streets, load of dirt roads, no street lights. Kids love it!
We spot a every nice coffee shop, best coffee display I ever saw.
In front of a restaurant, kids feed this cement coats....dirt. and afterwards I need to get a broom to dust them off. In this town there is this "Owl House" with loads of cement owls ( I buy 3 of them and they catch a lift with us, hubby did not think it was funny) there is this cement sheep , camels, mermaids ect.
The every electric house we stay in, a kids dream.. the night walk with lights was a highlight for the kids.

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