Jun 6, 2013

We have been away for few days , Luv for work and we just to not miss him too much.

First we took Wium for a second option, after we have been given the only option for an operation. Second option, the brilliant doc fix it in the consultation room with local anaesthetic product. Luckily I am one of that people who will find 10 opinions. I am not too dive in to the first anyone say. So Wium got fix.

We stayed with suro-sus it was her and her eldest Bday.

Then we moved to a friend. Its here where Nika at 4 o ‘clock in the morning start to vomit!! And to have a vomiting –kid –at-some-one-else’s-places = chaos.

Its was through all her bedding and clothes and  then next it was my clothes and then her daddy’s.

It was pouring rain in Cape Town and freezing cold!

So I just took Wium to his Nieces 6th Smurf Bday party! Feel funny with only one at my side!. When we got back to my friend, Luv start to vomit with her and her husband next in the row!! It was terrible! Every one vomiting just me and Wium got save.( I think because Wium never sit for more than 10 sec the bugs don’t have time to knock him over) So we did not do allot, except for washing!!

Monday we got Nika’s eyes tested, at my dear friend!! Thanx everything was fine. So my babies are all tested and fine now! No op’s and no more worries.

Tuesday was hectic and we got stuck due to a few things out of order and only arrived at my parents on the way home at 5.

So we let the twins play which they love and bath them and got in the car after 8 at night.

When we arrived home at 22h00 that night we just pick at the twins put them in their cots and jump super tired into bed!!

It took me 2 days to just get all the washing and all the things on their place, and now its weekend again , jippee!!!

I think we start to get our old life back( I think the kids love this mix-up live of their parents, just go with the flow and be happy)...and the bonus the kids slept through both for the first time!!!

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