Jun 26, 2013

From this weekend till yesterday I have been on the farm with the kids with out Luv.

This kids enjoy every second of this. To run around and climb and explore every square.

And there new hero’s their nephew and nieces. They were running and screaming and try to catch and release each other. Nika was addicted (just as her mother) to the 4 month old baby!! To see how she wants to hold the baby and touch it, it was so cute!! I think she want a little baby sister!!!  Her brother hated the baby!! Maybe scared mommy snatch the baby. I ask my brother’s son if I can buy his little sister for R 100, then he said she don’t have teeth... so I only put in an offer of R50!!


Luckily they did not sleep in the car back otherwise they out of there sleeping routine that goes so well now!! ( and sorry I think it was tiredness fault the typing  error! Kids goes to sleep between 20h00-20h30 and not  21h30,like I said! Luv was asking me  after reading it... where am I because they never went to bed that late) 20h30 are the cut off!!
Now we all back and tired

Grandpa's tower!! whooooooo
Sunday lunch
Outing with "ouma"... Lettie in pink went with....
Look at the Koi's, ouma!
Two Jockey's on a dead horse.
Look!! one of Rio's friends
Smelly goats.
Wium just LOVE the dogs!
Nika showing her necklace to little "M"

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