Jun 21, 2013

The twins are daily busy to go through the house and get stuff which they think are so interesting and then that “thing will be at their side the whole day.

Most of the time I am not sure where they got it from? Somewhere in cupboards.... which they where unpacking.

2 days ago when they wake the morning they were talking and talking .... and the next moment they appear with the swim goggles. The big thing then is to get another pair!! Of goggles and if you haven’t use it for nearly 3 years, its difficult!!!

I enjoy them so much seeing what they up too!!

I am not really into winny the poo-cars-barney-lollos-micky-mouse-liewe heksie. My kids watch TV half hour in the morning and half hour in the afternoon, so they don’t know all the cartoon-characters.

But when they get to other people and these kids have this character dolls. Nika will crap them and will not leave her newest-best-ever-friend-of-the-hour. And when I leave she don’t want to give it back!!!

And I will take it off and give it back!! Because I know everyone say you can bring it back later....let me tell you!!!! NOBODY BRING IT BACK!! Most of my toys did not get their way back home!!

After another clining to someone elses Lollos doll. Luv took them to the shop to get them one.


They went ballistic and  when they saw ”Lollos and Lettie” and they did not let go!! To get it scan at the till.....went up in tears!! From Nika! When we went for coffee after that, when someone touch her “lollos” she cried!! When we went to the squash club the night she did not leave her “Lollos”

When we bath, she cried bitter, because “Lollos” need to bath with.

“Lollos” went to bed and “lollos” wake with  her this morning!!

Mommy are not the hero anymore!! The “Lollos” are and I am jealous!! Lollos got more kisses and hugs, than mommy!

 Nika with Lollos and Lettie!


  1. Ha Ha! Emma loves Lollos and Lettie as well and we shared our bed with them for months. She is now absolutely besotted with Telletubbies. We bought her one, Po. Po gets a nappy and pants and joined L & L in our bed. Oupa decided to buy her the other three TT. That night she got into bed with L & L and 4 freaking TT!!!! She now has to chose which one sleeps with her and then when put the rest in a separate bed to sleep. Tinky Winky is currently the flavour of the week! And yes she gives them all more hugs and kisses than she gives mommy.... cry. Coco

  2. See money CAN buy happiness!!!