Jun 18, 2013

Nowadays I  just don’t get so much time on the computer and the internet. And the days fly like jets. Just so much to do and no time!!

This weekend it was fathers day! Luv’s 2nd and very special. We made milo for daddy in bed and some flowers and letters with their handprints on. So when dad wake we move upstairs, Wium with the flowers very excited and Nika with a pizza cutter ( why don’t know she wanted it from the cupboard and wanted to give that to her pappa!

Most of my days now circle around just to try and recue my house from explorers! And the victim who need an eye 24/7  WIUM !!!

I think the angels are watching him  all the time. This morning I was busy organizing some stuff on the phone, when I turn around we came with and apple with a knife right through it with a few cuts on it!! He love apple and wanted some!! How he did not cut off all his fingers!! I was so shock! And where did he get the knife??

He is very double jointed and flexible its unbelievable where he can get himself on-under-through!!

Later today I watch him while he pull himself up over a couch back to get a wooden chair and with the chair he got over the couch and back ( the couches are move to keep them out of the fire place....not Wium!!)

Last week he burn out a hairdryer!! I was busy with the washing, when I smell smoke I run the tumble dryer, nothing when I came into their room , black smoke was all over !! wium was plugging it in and out and burnt out the dryer!( there are protectors in the plugs , he can get them out in no time)

He is just interest in everything which I think is good!! His sister is much calmer. And I think she is scared of me shouting at her .

She have cut two more teeth yesterday and now they got the same amount of teeth!.

And the best !!! they are sleeping nearly through!!!! They will wake between 4-5 once get their morning bottle and sleep till 8 !! they go to bed between 8 and half pass 9! At night   ( its the one thing we are very strick on! From the start)

Wium put the knife through the apple...on his own.
up and up the ladder !!!

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