Jun 14, 2013

I have always believe that when you stuck, you need  some drastic steps to get yourself up and going, and for me the best is a challenge way far from what I am capable of.

I just don’t get my ass fire up to do exercise on regular base. At the end of the day when I have time...... I have zero, ziltz energy left and the best them is to just floor onto the couch and ...RELAX.

Peace......quietness....me-time....normal stimulating talking to hubby....please just NO exercise!

 Someone awhile ago told me about this race, and it sound GREAT!! But most  challenging.

A month ago my brother call, telling me guess what?? The “mudding moles”( he and suro-sus) are doing I_M_P_I race. I was so piss!! I wanted to do it , I jump on the computer but the entries have been closed, within an hour the race was sold out... must be popular! I wanted to do that too, I

 don’t want to watch eating the hotdogs at the side ,I wanted to be part of this event!

And then yesterday I got an entry on a cancelation....... I was super excited!!

...and then when I press that paid button for my entry, my heart start to race!!!!

What did I do ???? I am super super unfit!!! Actually the unfitted of my life! And I need to do 12 km off road!! ( hate off road) PLUS obstacles!!

So now I need to get my running shoes on!!  Don’t know anyone in my timeslot, but I need to finish this!!

This is the wakeup call I have been waiting for!!!

So October its www.impichallenge.co.za  time!!

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