Jun 12, 2013

Since Wednesday I felt like a train run me down, think it was flu. To look after kids when all you want to do is get in bed was a thing and it always felt like then they on to you all the time. ( feeling much better now! Thanx to rest)

And to put the cherry on it, kids was busy getting their last missing teeth. So moaning and tears was with us.

We went away this weekend, may sound that its best to stay home when feeling this shit!! Sometimes it made you feel better feeling shit at a different place.

It was pouring and super cold in the Wilderness where we went. But we did quickly pop in at the night market and the Sedgefield market ( very nice) the rest we made fire in the fire place and watch movies and tennis and bake pancakes and just have fun.

Kids thought it was great, new place , new beds, new furniture. Kids had their own room, but after Wium think he was very smart opening the window and waving out ( it was a double volume) we all move to one room to keep a eye on them. Would not be fun picking them up on the outside when falling 2 stores down.

When the sun show his face we took them to play, they run like ducks.

On our way I got my eyes test, every time bad to see how age rip you down. Soon I will get my new spec”s for better viewing ! watch out twins!!

PJ fam!
from the balcony
all packed to go....
the pancake team
look where I am sitting...

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