May 27, 2013

Twin always fascinate me in many ways, since school. Always wondering how they think and do and operate.

Now to watch my twins is such a bliss and interesting. If they grown up to ask all the questions and the I were always wondering about ,can’t wait to see their development.

I know twins have this special bond, things that no-one other then they share.

After all they with each other since conception, joined by the hip always together!! ( sometimes you do get the exception  but  rare.

Yes, you always get that one saying my kids, just differ one year, they just like twins!! Bullshit!! They call it twins for reasons. You don’t have kids “like twins”, they twins or not! Twins are on the same emotional and physical level. One is not running around and the other cannot crawl. And then you call then “like Twins” always if someone say my kids are also “like twins” I always think shame the one must be way behind( at least 9 months) to match the smaller one’s level

And it would be interesting twins, that are identical, same sex twins and pigeon pair twins. All would be different.

My twins at home are always just a few steps away from each other and they at a age now where they always watching out for each other. They want the same all the time ( sometimes hectic with just one toy of a sort) but they can talk long conversations with each other , laughing and directing, just understanding each other. Its so special to see. When we got up this morning I put them in the same cot, They where there for an half an hour ( giving us time to get dress) reading their books. And Chatting!! I so wonder what they talking about. But we don’t understand their “special” language.

When they sit down its most of the time in tandem. Why I don’t know! But tandem they are.

I adore these special little human’s running through my house so much!! And too see what's next...
where can they be??? reading their books. Tandem...

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