Mar 18, 2013

The break was wonderful !! and the best to have  Luv 24/7 at my side with our precious twins. ( Luv cannot believe how much you miss if not with them all day)  I am still looking at the twins and can this be really be true???  “ we are a fam now !!”

When we always went on holiday, its not a holiday where we get home, well rested!! No we were totally exhausted and now with the twins....look like we are doing it on our old style. There was some days where we went out at 8 in the morning and only got back at 7 at night!!.

Its always like, let’s just grap a quick coffee, or quick swim, or a quick visit,which turn out to be.....ALL DAY!!

We have had a list as long as my arm to tick off, and we done it!! Only Wium keep us back for a 3 days with a fever of 40, which flare up every 5 hours. It was teething; they really suffer with this damm teeth. Thanx to my personal-doc I got it off after 3 days.

What did we do??? We did eat-outs, visit friends ( it was greats to see every one , sorry for the house mess up at some places) hop into family, which was such a nice surprise, and did loads of kids-stuff.

And being so busy we forgot to put the pram in the car ( maybe kids made your brain like candy floss?)  after a stroll! It was 3 o clock and when we got home at 7. Luv, ask where are the pram????? We forgot it in standing in the road!!... Thinking there’s no change finding it again, Luv got in the car to search...... GOT IT.... in a Liquor store!!!!

Played on the beach, went to and shark-feed at a super small aquarium, Wium love the fishes. Went to big kids-play-things and school-rugby and shops!!

The twins just love water , so where we got they went and splash in the water. Because Wium only like warm water we took them to the warm water pool. It was a high light!!! I have this thing to just get them water wise; I don’t want them to be afraid when they hit water!! And swim lessons only start at 2 at our town.

Nika is fine going under, but because Wium hate cold, he only did it once at my we put him into the warm water and he went mad!!! He jump in, go under, blow bubbles till you get him out. It was amazing!! We are so proud and impress!!the swimming was so nice! And to see how much they learn from us.

It was Luv’s Bday in this time, we got a babysitter ( friend’s daughter) she was great for the night and went out. It was this wonderful evening the weather was great, we went to a restaurant at the beach and have had a GREAT NIGHT!!

When we got back  I go directly to the baby’s room. ( they were sleeping on beds, not cots like home) Wium was not in his bed, I thought he was maybe at the sitter, NO he took his bottle and snuggle up against his sister, Nika. I was the most special moment!! I just love them!!

 And so we back home again !!!! see forward to the weekend already Suro-sus are coming and we are sitting her kids, they off to a wedding!!
busy drumming!
Please Mommy!! I need to rest... I am small !

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  1. Die tweeling is so groot. Ek sien jy word genoem in hierdie maand se uitgawe van die Lig tydskrif.