Mar 6, 2013

It have been a few months now, where I am so broody !! I enjoy my twins so much ( and yes there are times where you want to kill them, I suppose it normal-  they are a hand full and so actively busy) but the joy and love we get out of them are amazing!! There are just so many fun times! But they getting so big now they are toddlers, and time are flying so quickly! To quickly

And I love to be part of this...but I would like to have another baby again. ( so sorry its totaly not possible)I want another set of twins again,( suro-sus will run away) I would just love it so much!!

This last month I have seen so many babies and geeeeeeee I adore babies!! Its the most special thing on earth for me.

I am so out of it to be blessed with this special twins, but still think infertility sucks!!!! Because you not in control too organize your family-tree, I don’t think people who don’t have this problem know how great it is to plan your family they way you wanted it to be! Hope they now how privileged they are.

To all out there who still on the road and waiting to be blessed with their miracles and those who so much wanted to add  a  little one, but don’t want to step on the hormonal-treatment which, fuck  you up, your time, your saving, your life.... I hope dream will not stay dreams.....
We will be off for some family time for a week, see you soon


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