Mar 25, 2013

This weekend we went to the beach. Suro-sus join us and then we babysit her kids when they went to a wedding.

So it was a hectic weekend with loads of fun!! And running around after 4 kiddos, and the twins getting extra “Mommy is the one and only”and the “its our mommy” to give then all the attention needed, was ruff.

Suro-sus kids think for some or other reason I am a baking aunty????why  I don’t know??? I hate it! But when with me, its always.....what are we making?? So aunty need to rip all the stops out!.

I just love the kids in my house!!!!
All the chefs!
The cake is finish! baking is not for Wium!
No its time for bread-baking! afterall,  normal bread are just sooo boring...

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