Mar 20, 2013

Geeee did I have a laugh !!!!! I think this is so funny!

My mom has a wall where she put up all the photos of her grandkids.  Long ago she asks me to send her pic’s of the twins. Which I did.

Because mom are not all clued-up with electronics, we ( her kids) need to do the stuff. I send it to the photo-place and ask for enlargements. Why I don’t know they were struggling. Then I down load it on my mom’s PC. Yes she does have one.... many times I have got a call.... “how do I do this?”

Then I told her to ask my brother to send it. Which she did. Together she show him which pic’s she love to enlarge for the wall, with a note they send it.... please make it quick.

So mom went to pick it up, and as she enters she could see the people inside want to laugh. The man at the counter ask.....”so why did you choose this photo’s to enlarge ” Mom( very proud)...” its my grandchildren” and they start laughing!!!! And when they show it to mom, she start laughing !!!!

Whats on the photo?????

A LION and AN OWL!!!!!!!!
How the mess up happen nobody knows, and its enlargements! And as my mom said, not even a nice lion and owl.
Its pic’s from a trip they done, when she press the button to take the pic, the lion bend down, all you she on the photo.....grass with a lions ear.....and the owl are busy  scratching fleas!!
So my mom’s 2 grandchildren are a lion and an owl!!
..... wonder if she is going to put it on the wall??

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