Mar 26, 2013

Last night was one of our monthly “home-eat-out-with-friends”

We have changed the rules to; each has picked a month and a country. Last night it was Luv’s turn and the country...Turkey !!

We need to dress-up for the fun, and boy its fun. The nice part is all the different stuff you eat that we are not use to or cook with! It’s always special and so nice because for one night you don’t know anything on the menu.

Luv did a super do of it!! Thanx for the internet to get you ideas and recipe’s from. It’s my turn in 2 months turn with Egypt !!!

And the bonus.... Nika did not wake till this morning!!! Wium....did!


More weekend pic's
writing in the sand...
Love xxxx
BIG BED for sleeping over.

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