Jan 31, 2013

You can call me Miss Disinfectant, I WAS always busy cleaning. Sometimes I think it just got worse, but then things change...

When twins change into toddlers!

Geez they always super dirty, sometimes after a day of playing just their eyes are showing. First it freaks me out if they roll and throw each other with heaps of sand, just so top it up with messy mud. I hate it but, its super for their development to explore and play and what’s best form them , I will stick too.

So I leave them to do what they want any place, I dont mind their clothes ruined. For NOW playing is best, but I will never put them in bed dirty!! Because afterwards I will redo their cots with new bedding, and because I don’t have any help, I don’t have time to change the bedding every single minute.

My house look most times as if Hurricane-W&N have hit it at full force, with only one mission on hands.....TOTAL DESTRUCTION !!

But I will redo-revamp-repair my house when they big one day, after all I enjoy them so much!!!! They have rock my world down to up.....
to get them clean after playing....put them into thier own foaming-jacuzzi! what a bliss..


  1. ha ha, I can so relate to that post. I have only one, but we have playdates often and my flat that used to be really ZEN, does look like a kindergarden hit by huricane or tsunami .... Also, our sofa's are getting dirtier by the day (also my clumsiness) and I was thinking that once my kid(s) will be grown, I will enjoy refurbishing my flat with DH .....
    As you say, play is best, enjoy the mess !! ;-)

  2. Funny if you allow them to play( cause you do get houses where NOTHING is out of place at the end of a day, how the hec that happen I still want to know) how it look as if you run a kindergarden !!