Jan 29, 2013

We had a busy past weekend. We did so much.  Visit friends all over, wonderful to have our past life back, a normal life without planning around treatments. We now can just pack and go and enjoy.

Went to friends always nice to catch up and we have had so much laughs. And we did go to bed LATE , not much rest but worth it. We went to the shops which took hours.... with twins!! Two hours, years ago took 7 hours now.

The twins love friends and its so nice to see how they play with kids and start running around after them, and I think most time irritating them.

Monday they went for vaccinations, they make us so proud with their progress and Wium was just looking while he got it. They still the same length  and have grow allot!!

I saw a baby who was born on 33 weeks who was now 4 kg and its so cute and on Friday I saw prem twins of 2,5 kg and geez I miss my premmies!!!!

Afterwards  I quickly pop into a charity-shop ( love it) and the twins spot 2 ancient squash-racket (R15,,,yes ancient). And wanted it!! So for the rest of the day they were holding it, hanging onto it for dear life... even slept with it!!

I went shopping with Nika and her  new best toy, the racket... and got hit on my upper lip!! Luv was just laughing, me with a pop-up lip!!

They so much fun right now!!!

At our friends there was a cover over the swimming pool and the twins could not resist it!!!!
havening lunch with a playing-stuff for the kids.
dad trying to give Nika her supper, she is running away on the pool cover.
Wium so tired!! before bath-and-sleep-time ( on the pool cover)
very tired in the shopping trolley

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