Jan 9, 2013

Hi all of you!!

I am back after a very nice break. Geez but time can fly; before you see, you all back to the O, so same routine.

We went to the beech for 3 weeks and it was an utter bliss, I have enjoyed it like someone that was on retirement!!

It was a holiday with loads of friends and family, nice brilliant weather of sunshine and fun with the twins, and at the end we did not do half the stuff we wanted to do.

After two- up- all- night, the twins cots arrived! The best thing to take with if you away for so long. They were so happy to see their cots and for the next 3 weeks they sleep like a dream and for the first time from their birth , me and Luv could take afternoon naps with them....unbelievable!! and for the first time I can say I am not so tired anymore, and for the first time we can compare and see,,,,how the hec did we manage  all the sleepless nights.

Christmas was my family’s turn and it was so nice to see all the fam and have all our chats and the kids just love all the commotion around them. It was nice to see how the twins enjoy the prezzie’s. Last year they were just “there”

Most of the mornings after the kids wake we went to the beach, Nika love the waves and Wium is like his father the warm needs to be warm otherwise he will nog go in!! He is more a island boy  where the water must feel “WARM” so  he was playing in the sand and was looking like an sand-lice at the end.

They took 2 naps each day, nice catch up time on reading for a change and now it over and 2013 have start and we cannot wait to see what the year will be like!!


I’ve got loads on  my lists....and still things for last year that need to be done, if it ever will.

May 2013 be a wonderful year for all of you and may ALL YOUR DREAMS can true.

Good luck for what 2013 will through in you xxxxx

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