Jan 17, 2013

I am a photo girl, as long as I know. I love memories. I got books full of memories from I was born till now.

Every year they all got tag and file and they are super organized.

But now I’ve got this huge problem I am 2 years behind, and don’t have a clue how to get it fix. And I have millions of pic’s. Where do you start?

On my PC’s screen there are sticky notes with...... 2011 photo book, 2012 photo book, 2011 collage, 2012 collage and now 2013 have also start....

I have decided that I will not do anything before those things are not sorted out, but the kitchen are unpack, cleaned and back in the cupboards again. The garden is all fix-up and ready for summer. The fact are the WHOLE HOUSE are re-fix.... but the pic’s not in order!.

If thing are total chaos and I don’t know where to start, what about the middle....2012!

So I start with the twins photo albums and now I am total confused!! All the photos are super cute; I just love the baby stage!

We will need a truck to pick up the albums..... it will be so heavy when finish in maybe.... 2051???

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