Jan 21, 2013

This weekend we where way with friends to the beach and it was so nice to catch up again and just have fun and do nothing! I just love weekends to chill out.

The weather are so wonderful, summer is just for me!

We took the twins that did not want to sleep to the beach. Luv was on his days a huge-fisherman. He like it, he love being on the rocks and looking at the sea-animal-life it can occupy him for hours. I on the other side are shit scared I will fall on the rocks, which I did several times before, I have learn my lesson.

The twins walk to the beach and directly take a move to the rocks!! Nika was just like her father climbing over them putting her hands under the rocks and grabbing small shells some with craps in. It gives me the freaks! She is not afraid at all. it was so cool to see her operating and she loves it. Wium loves animals he was sitting watching the small little fishes and wanted to catch them.

I can just see from now on , many hour will be spend on the rocks, they got their first little nets , so next time we will catch some little fishes. Can not wait to see their faces when touching the fish.....

We only got back late yesterday and then....FOR THE FIRST TIME.... BOTH SLEPT THROUGH!!! May this be the beginning of wonderful nights!!!!

Yesterday 5 years ago was the day I lost my boys!!! And it was also a Sunday that day...

The twins makes it so much better now...


  1. Dag liewe Cstelle,
    Vooreerst my beste wense vir die jaar 2013, veral gesondheid en pret met julle wonderlike tweeling, Wium en Nika.
    By julle in Suid-Afrika is die somer, geniet daarvan. Vlaanderen lê hierdie dae onder die sneeu. Dit het ek nie graag, voel dan nie goed nie.
    Heel liefdevol, kusjes en knuffels,
    Jou vriendin

  2. HI daar Nadja!!!

    Altyd lekker om van jou te hoor!! ek hoor julle is so toe gesneeu, tyd om n boek te gryp en heeldag in die bed te bly!

    Hoop 2013 is vol voorspoed vir jou, dankie vir al jou mooi wense!!

    Love and kisses
    Cstelle xxxx