Jan 15, 2013

When you busy with normal life , I don’t think you so aware of what’s-up. Before we went on holiday the twins did certain things in certain ways....but when we got back home again. It was like a shock to see how they have developed in just 3 weeks. It amazed us. shocking!! I want my babies back!. They walking now most of the time, they can reach for stuff that was so out-of-reach just awhile ago. They understand when you talk to them and can do little things if you ask. Dad has learn them to through away their diapers in the bin and now everything got through away. When cleaning the bin we need to go through our stuff. They at the kitchen bin all day. Wonder what’s missing in this house already! They go up the stairs and play in their room which they just love and then they coming down. Its so nice to see they can go up and down by themselves, no supervision anymore. I have more time on hands. They adorable now!! I just love every moment with them. They love books and after bath time they point to their books and already have their favourites!! Which we need to read over and over again. Nika will sit as quite as a mouse and listen, Wium wants to touch the book, pointing fingers and telling you a story or two.
Mommy I trip over my blanky!! and look my pirate-eye!
I dont think Nika and I need this anymore ! so I broke it, hahaha, you did not think I was capable doing this.

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