Feb 4, 2013

This weekend was my brother’s son 4 birthday. Yesterday when we arrived at home I could see the twins are totally exhausted after this weekend of playing, swimming and having fun!

They enjoyed the swimming so much and have learned to hold their breath when going under the water, which is so nice. And they not afraid of water. They love playing games in the water. I want them to be water wise.

They love the slide at the party.

Its nice to see how they interact with other kids, small and big  ones.

My brother and the birthday boy, suro-sus and Nika
ready...steady....go !
look who is still at the party at 18h00 (and what happen next?)
the slide collapse...I was going head over heels with Nika in my arms to the ground. the only one left on the slide afterwards was the little boy with the red T-Shirt !!

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