Jul 4, 2012

Monday we took the twins for their 9 months vaccinations. I hate it, I felt so sorry for them, bit its for the  best!! And the lady doing it , is a absolute star !! she is so good. Nika did not even cry for the first one, but the seconds one, the tears start to roll.But both of them did not cry long just a short time and then they start to play again. They on all their milestones and doing unbelievable good.They start to get up to all the furniture , so now everything needs to be place out of reach!

Me and Luv before the kids, could do go out for the whole day doing so many things....then you get kids and all you hear is....wait till you get kids ...then your life will change and you will not do all these things. You now what , we do all the things we did!! Nothing change , we just make different plans.

We do the injections then go for a coffee, off to the Chiro ( we all did get a knock after the accident and Wium’s neck was not good, so glad we all in link  now) then we went to a mall for shopping and the twins go along. I think its because we took then along from the start, Most people I know can not do things with their kids by their side, its so much of an effort.

Then we go to friends for a sleep over-visit, always nice to just catch up on old stories!!

Next day we went for a photo shoot, we did not have nice family foodies. It was very nice, a dear friend took them and the kids think it was party time. Little Nika think she is a Diva and just love the camera. Wium think is was a ball-of-snot. He just want to play!!.

We got home just before bath time, so two full days of going all over the place. The twins just love this lifestyle!!

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