Jul 25, 2012

What kept me going for 10 years??

What made me not going cookoo’s ??

1.   My dear super cool husband !!!! and

2.   My plan of actions !!

And the last 2 weeks I am missing something......my plans !!  

The plans were my route to the future. I am believing If you don’t know where you going, then you not going, you stuck!! And plans don’t need to be major stuff, it must just be, a plan.

Years ago even before TTC I had a bucket’s list and because I had it, I belief, I have tick everything on it. And  there was stuff on that list that was really, just dreams.... but on very strange manners it, got tick!! With amazing memories....

So when the list was tick I was beginning a yearly new one. SO the beginning of the year I know what I wanted to achieve, then I did it and it got tick. These things give me tremendous power!! It made me strong and made me believe in myself. Because the route I was on , will break you down, O so low!! It will take all your power.

So I have had 2 different lives, The fuck-up TTC life and a super powerful fun life, full of adventures!!! And the fun life was my saving-grace!! That kept me going!! It was my seeing-forward-to

The last 2 years is gone in a way and now my new parent life, the normal life is here and to made this the best ride ever  I want to have goals again!! I can tick off the twins are on schedule they not behind, they can actually do stuff some other their age babies cant do.

SO for myself I want goals again, things that made life normal so a brand new list are about to get some ink on!! And I cant wait!

I you would believe the moment I was thinking of the list millions of things jump into my head...

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