Jul 18, 2012

I have  been so busy lately..... baby-sitting my own kids.  We are on a roll for 10 months  and boy they keep me on my toes. Both are crawling like busy ants. I think they have ants in their pants, because to sit still.... never !.  but I like it allot!! I am so privilege to have normal healthy kids, Its a blessing.

Mostly EVERYONE said the following..... wait till they crawl then your problems will start??? Okay they have been crawling the past 2 half months and it was heaven, the problems???? Still been waiting for them.  Now they can crawl to where they want to be, the kitchen if I am there, where they want to go, they go. They crawl to their playroom and sit and play and go to the spare room and sit in front of the mirror , meeting their new best friends.

I think why people don’t like the crawls, because now you need to get your ass from the couch and go after your kids

I let them explore everything and to see their development is amazing! And I did not pack away things or make my house child friendly.  For 3 days they was at the plugs and I was telling them NO!!! And that was it , They leave it now!! You can’t believe how they listen and know when something they do is wrong.

Somedays they like dogs, If I am saying its “food-time” they start crawling to their eating-chairs ! and at night when we go upstairs to bath, when we hit the stairs they go wild , because the last step we let them get up themselves, they think its a play.

They have start getting up against the furniture and now they look so big for me, they racing the time to their Bday.

Wium have got his 2 upper teeth yesterday, he looks like I guy that do things in 2’s. Nika are on the gums still. But her hair has started to grow, so we don’t need to do a tattoo  hair clip anymore.

Nika have start words like Mama, Papa, baba, and Tata and Wium ..... is the listener, no recognizable words from him.. I think we will leave it to Nika to learn him some words. They have their fights and Its very fun to look at. Wium got this funny little jump he do on to NIka, and she is hating it!!

Their nicest activity right now, Mommy their  Jungle-gim. They love it when I lay on the floor and then they climb and fall and roll  on me. Every night in the bath I see ...new    bruises.


  1. Dag liewe Cstelle, hartlik dank vir hierdie verslag oor jou wonderlike tweeling.
    Ek volg alles op die voet. Dit verheug my baie. Kusjes en baie liefde vanuit Vlaanderen (dit is hier 'n nat somer),

  2. Wonderful to hear that all is going so well with you all :)) xoxo

  3. Nice of you to pop in!! good luck with your wet summer Nadja!!
    and Dandelion Breeze I follow you step by step xx