Jun 29, 2012

Yesterday the twins got too the 9 month mark. Its unbelievable how things happen at a speed-of-pace. Today you enjoy this and tomorrow they have passed that doing, and new things are on the horizon.

If you have in mind that their actual age is 7 months, they are doing ssssssssssoooo good. Wium have been crawling for the pass 2 months already and Nika was following 2 weeks later.  ( the boys are always behind girls????? Not this time) It took Wium 2 days and he have had the crawling motion under the knee. Nika was the lazy-age and was going more like a snake through the house. But now she have the crawling right.

They are eating anything I give them, so glad they love mommies cooking. Their sleeping habits change as we speak.... they sleeping right now and acutely I was on my way to town with them,, now I need to wait for them to wake.

They are most adorable right now, I just love every moment. Nika is very social and Wium will be like his father looking the cat out of the tree.

I leave them to explore, which is a very good thing and for them and for me, extra work. They have eaten half of my new unread magazine, getting up to everything and they have loads of bruises. This morning they have open Luv shaver and when I saw it they have cover their heads with the hair..... such a mess. Yesterday it was the fireplace and just after I dress them, they were ..BLACK!!

And this morning, I saw 2 shining diamonds in Wiums mouth......2 teeth have appear !! This is a Highlight for Luv.

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