Jul 10, 2012

I was reading a magazine on line a week ago. I love reading, but don’t get the time now-a-days so internet reading help allot. If I have a quick few sec’s I read some articles on the internet.

I know I have kids now and are a mommy, and loads of people always have this thing of you have to move on its a new life blab la blab la....irritating.....balbalblabla.

YES I did move on... but infertility was my life for ¼  of my living on earth and  I am not robot-like , so you cannot just press the button. I still have friends in the fuck-up-life-IF  and I love other peoples stories!!

SO I read the story.....about “ we have struggle for 3 years and could not fall preggers, and so we went to a fertility clinic and the doctor discuss IVF’s..... AND NOW FOR THE PART THAT JUST FLIP ME OVER..... While I was sitting there God was saying to me.... “this is not right to do IVF, because its not from me...it is unnatural” so I decided we will not do it AND DRUMROLL!!! The next month I was pregnant.

Stories like this gives me a cramp !!  Because actually you said. If you do this treatment you are WRONG !! have this idiot ever think that IVF’s success rate is 25-30% so if the clinic was a god the rate would have been 100% so the doc’s just got brains to help you they don’t make babies!! They just assist.

And what if you are not the like one that could fall pregnant after 3 years, what if nothing work for you. I still think I could have gone to the extreme to adopt a crocodile or  join the circus , but a baby myself never!!  I needed a different way to have a baby. And what ever way, go there if its all that work for you!! 

If this person maybe got sick like cancer will she go for chemo?? will that be from GOD?

Like the one celeb said in a magazine.... if you can not have a kids , do IVF  It work the first time for her and its so easy!! How de hell can you say something like that ( I don’t think she have brains any case) do she know that there is women who can do IVF and IVF till you die, and it will not work. To do IVf is not for sissy’s its hardcore... if  your first IVF that don’t work.... it will make you feel like you busy dying.

SO count yourself lucky if normal sex is your answer for babies!


  1. Mmmm, artikels soos die maak my ook baie kwaad. Ek wou ook nooit IVF doen nie, maar soms kom jy tot op 'n punt waar jy net absoluut enige iets sal doen om jou babatjie te kry en daai vrou was duidelik nog nie daar nie. Ook baie gerieflik dat sy die volgende maand swanger geraak het... Wens dit kon met ons almal gebeur het...

  2. I am hyperventalating..... for F@#$ sake!! Yes I am an IVF barbie, but medicated time cycles, 7 years "off" the pill just did not do it! We are TTC#2 again with ART this time FET, "natural" just did not do it for us. Stupid ignorant cow . . . sorry having a bad day, but jeepers! What magazine was this?

  3. Yes!! it freaks me out if people make IVF off as you "did not try it all on yourself" for F3$@#k sake do they think we are bored and for adventure want to do IVFFING?

    Freaking hell, its terrible to be on that bus!!

    Tha magazine..... a SA baby magazine !! they love to put stories that sound o so hard, but I wonder why they dont start digging for the worst one's.... but I think the bad ones is not hope ones!! people wants the easy ride.

  4. Sjoe, dis maar goed ek het daardie artikel nie gelees nie, want dan het die vonke gespat...watter tydskrif was dit? Sal graag vir die redakteur wil laat weet hoe geaffronteer ek voel.

    Ek is bly Liewe Jesus se witbroodjie het haar bondeltjie vreugde gekry. Ek wonder wat gaan sy doen as hy nog 5 jaar vat voor hy nommer 2 stuur?