Jul 23, 2012

As the twins are getting up to everything and crawl all over the place , and as we have stairs it was time to safe-up-the-house with little gates!

My father is a real handyman who can make “EVERYTHING” on earth. And as you all know a grandfather and mother wants the best for their grandkids. So he made the best ever gates for all the un-safe-places where 2 little rascals can hurt themselves.

This weekend he visits us to put up  everything.  The twins just loves their “oupa and Ouma” to bits and when “Oupa” gets out his drill , they lend him some help !!  you can just imagine.... it took much longer than usual.

The rest of the weekend we just chill and it was so nice, the extra hands and luckily the twins love the other 2 pair of hands, Nika doing everything new her Oupa learns her.... one is a terrible laugh that sounds more like something you will hear in a horror-movie. And Wium looks like he has been in war. His is bumping is head against everything, he is scared of nothing!   And Ouma is at his back-side, helping him up when head-have-hit-the-targets.
The proud OUPA

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  1. What a handson talented oupa! He can make money on the side selling those gates. GL with the mobile twins, it is lots of fun. Emma permanently has a bump on her head, sigh.